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How to Ensure Uninterrupted Learning in Your Classrooms

by Katy Plant on March 29, 2022

If you have ever visited one of your community's K-12 schools, you've likely noticed that its classrooms include some of the latest technology. Those technology-based tools that you've seen do, in fact, aid most students and instructors of this generation to teach and learn together on a daily basis.

In a typical classroom, for example, you might see:
• Computer workstations, charging stations, digital notebooks and/or tablets
• Digital projectors, whiteboards, smart screens and/or displays
• Scanners, printers, cameras and/or AV equipment

Classroom Power Map
Uninterrupted Power = Uninterrupted Learning

Tools and gadgets are great and all until they don't power on anymore. 

In order to ensure that every classroom can achieve a maximum amount of daily uninterrupted learning, schools need battery backup and power protection for their technologies. 

Benefits of establishing reliable backup and power protection:

• Ensures uninterrupted power to computing devices when power is lost
• Protects equipment from harmful power surges
• Safeguards academic data and connected administrative equipment

School Admin Power Map

Power Protection Products for Schools
What about applications beyond the classroom?

Electronic devices in school administrative offices, such as network equipment, servers and workstations, should also be power protected.

For this very reason, UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) systems are designed to better equip classrooms and administrative office equipment with backup power and surge protection. UPS systems are a great option for these types of spaces because they are usually available in a variety sizes and feature packages.

CyberPower Racks

For example, CyberPower UPS systems come in a wide array of models, depending on the  protection that you need. This could be anything from basic standby to more advanced line-interactive and double-conversion.

Stacked CyberPower Rackmount UPS

Make sure to carefully consider key features such as sine wave output, energy-saving GreenPower UPS™ design, data-line protection and power management software.

Why? Certain devices, like printers, may not require backup power from a UPS system, but do need protection from harmful surges and spikes. These types of electronics are better protected with wall taps and power strip surge protectors.


PDU Collage

To learn more about CyberPower products in schools, go to Education Solutions Page.

Contact your local Accu-Tech Representative to shop CyberPower, or visit their vendor page here. 

Learn More

Make sure your students maintain continuous access to learning and to the latest technology-based tools.

With UPS backup power systems, your school can ensure continuous availability of broadband and telecommunication networks. You can minimize downtime during minor power fluctuations and even prevent data loss and damage that can occur during power failures.

Budget Concerns? E-rate Program Can Help
Technology can be a major budget challenge for many schools.

The U.S. Government created the E-rate program in response to provide schools with discounts on the latest equipment. Under this program, schools and libraries apply for funding to help pay for telecommunications products and services, Internet access, internal connections and basic maintenance of those internal connections. UPS systems ensure the full availability of broadband and telecommunications networks making them eligible for E-rate discounts.
Learn more >>


Contact your local Accu-Tech Representative for more information about CyberPower, or visit their vendor page here. 

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