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How to Find the Right In-Building Wireless Partner with Belden

by Katy Plant on July 19, 2022


Finding a Wireless partner can be tricky nowadays. In years past, mobile carriers were the ones to invest heavily in Wireless infrastructure; companies like Verizon or T-Mobile would financially support popular facilities' Wireless infrastructures to guarantee superior experiences for their customers.

Fast-forward to current day and that approach has expired, mostly because these carriers no longer have the budgets to operate that way. The responsibility to invest in Wireless infrastructure has now directly fallen on your organization, and you've been left wondering how you'll ever keep up.


The answer lies in finding a Wireless partner who understands your facility's unique challenges, who appreciates your industry, and who desires success as much as you do. 

The following are the top qualities to look for in an in-building Wireless partner:

1. Your Partner Knows The Industry
Your partner should have a deep understanding that the Wireless industry is continually changing from the advent of new technologies, and should recognize the specific needs of your marketplace. Having a grip on the key attributes of your business strategy is critical to deploying a system that meets every requirement.

2. Your Partner Gives You The Precise Solution You Need
Your in-building Wireless scenario is probably a unique one, meaning that your solution needs to be unique, too.

A one-size-fits-all solution will likely not meet your organization’s goals, so working with a vendor-agnostic partner will give you a greater flexibility of choice. This means that, instead of purchasing from one specific platform or vendor, you can instead find a balanced blend of technologies that check all of your boxes.

3. Your Partner Can Future-Proof Your Systems
Your Wireless in-building infrastructure needs to do two things: Meet today’s challenges and be ready for tomorrow’s.

Instead of scrambling to make last-minute, critical enhancements or upgrades, find a Wireless partner that will help you prepare for what’s coming next.

4. Your Partner Owns Their Manufacturing Process
Ideally, a Wireless partner should own their manufacturing processes. If your partner has complete control, they can create exactly what you need, and will adapt more quickly to any adverse changes in the industry.


The Belden Advantage
Belden doesn’t offer a turnkey, out-of-the-box solution. They do a great job at recognizing that every in-building Wireless situation requires a unique approach. Belden’s infrastructure solutions are independent from Wireless and active equipment providers— You can take any technology or solutions approach to build the network you need, and their vendor-agnostic solutions can support it.

Belden’s tenured, in-house experts have been a part of major Wireless projects, involving hundreds and thousands of miles of cable and connectivity. They know how to build Wireless systems that can meet the needs of today and tomorrow. From stadiums, entertainment districts and medical campuses to manufacturing plants, offices and government agencies, Belden has the expertise.

Shop Belden


Contact your local Accu-Tech Representative to learn more, or download the full whitepaper at Belden.com >>

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