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Make Schools Safer - and Smarter - with WilsonPro Cellular Signal Repeaters

by Teddi Strassburger on November 5, 2021

AdobeStock_389738071 (1)-2My high school was notorious for its lack of cell signal. Parents, teachers and students had virtually no way to communicate within the classrooms, except for using the very slow and spotty WiFi. If a parent needed to reach their student, or if teachers needed to communicate with each other during the school day, it was nearly impossible to send and receive these critical messages. 

The lack of cell signal in many schools is even more of a problem nowadays, with technology such an integral part of how students learn. Once considered a distraction, cell phones are now essential to the learning experience. Teachers and students use phones to check calendars, create and view assignments, communicate with each other, read and evaluate sources, access educational apps and more. It's not even just about education - it's also about safety. K-12 schools need effective and reliable safety and alert systems in case of an emergency. If the cellular signal is weak - or worse, non-existent - then the safety of staff and students is at risk. Two-way communication inside and outside of the school building is absolutely essential. 

Many schools just aren't equipped to maintain a reliable cellular connection. They're often constructed from thick, signal-blocking concrete and brick, which prevents the cell signal from entering or leaving the building. Many administrators also assume that improving cellular coverage could be costly or impossible, given existing infrastructure obstacles, so they just leave the problem unaddressed. 

However, there is an affordable - and reliable - solution to this problem. Signal repeaters, also known as passive Distributed Antenna Systems (passive DAS), can improve the cellular signal in a school without the need for intensive infrastructure and the disruption it can cause. Because cellular repeater systems work by capturing existing outdoor cellular signal and amplifying it within the building, a passive DAS solution will enhance cellular signal wherever it is weak. With this solution, there is no need to tear into walls or ceilings to install fiber optic cable. On top of being an affordable solution, WilsonPro repeaters are also compatible with all US carrier networks, including 5G. 

So, let's explore what WilsonPro can offer schools! The WilsonPro Enterprise 4300/4300R is a commercial-grade, in-building cellular amplifier that represents the latest in cell signal boosting technology, including a revolutionary industry-first, three outdoor-antenna-port configuration. Depending on cell tower locations, using up to three outdoor antennas (each dedicated to a specific frequency band to collectively amplify signals from multiple towers) can help maximize coverage in spaces up to 100,000 sq.ft. The Enterprise 1300/1300R, on the other hand, maximizes coverage in spaces up to 40,00 sq.ft. Basically, these solutions can bring reliable, consistent cellular coverage to every classroom in the building. 

Maintaining your cellular signal repeater is also easy. The WilsonPro Cloud offers remote management, monitoring and adjustments, as well as real-time measurements of several functions, including cell signal power, bands, frequency and quality. You'll also get immediate notification of critical issues, such as system failure. 

Bring better cellular coverage to your school, and enjoy better educational experiences and a safer environment for students and staff alike. Learn more about WilsonPro's solutions by contacting your local Accu-Tech representative or visiting WilsonPro's page on our website. 

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