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Take Chatsworth's Ecosystem Approach to Data Center Decision-Making

by Katy Plant on October 27, 2023

Imagine of a jungle, a vibrant and thriving ecosystem where predators and prey coexist. In a similar way, people, businesses, and buildings collaborate every day to solve challenges sustainably.

As the demand for global connectivity continues to rise, the once simple cabinet environment has transformed into a complex landscape, as intricate as a jungle. Recognizing this, Chatsworth Products (CPI), our trusted manufacturing partner, is dedicated to assisting data center managers and operators by adopting an ecosystem approach.


What is a Cabinet Ecosystem?

Cabinets and racks, along with the hardware and software subsystems contained within, establish the framework of a cabinet ecosystem. The idea is that, when the components of a data center are compatible and designed by the same manufacturer, the ecosystem flourishes. A balanced environment leads optimized performance.

By simply implementing CPI's holistic ecosystem approach, data center owners can:

  • Enhance Operational Efficiency

  • Reduce Complexity

  • Simplify White Space Management

  • Make Well-Informed Decisions More Efficiently

With the recent launch of CPI’s new ZetaFrame® Cabinet, cabinet ecosystems are stronger and more integrated than ever before. 


What Are The Elements Within a Cabinet Ecosystem?

Intelligent Power Management

As essential as breathing and sleeping are to humans, cabinet power management is crucial in data center ecosystems. Implement power distribution, monitoring, and control within the cabinet to ensure availability and uptime, while also minimizing the overall energy footprint.

Intelligent power management can take business operations one step further. With the next-generation of intelligent eConnect® power distribution units (PDU), users can plug-in, power up, and preinstall their data center cabinet easily.

To determine the ideal PDU for your requirements, download the white paper “Considerations for Intelligent Power Management within High-Density Deployments”. This resource will provide valuable insights for informed decision-marking. 

Environmental Monitoring

Maintaining a suitable climate is crucial for a healthy ecosystem, and the same applies to data centers; high temperature and humidity levels are common culprits behind hardware failure in these environments.

To ensure a reliable data center management strategy, it is essential to monitor the environmental conditions within the cabinet. By proactively identifying and addressing issues, business owners can effectively prevent downtime.

Woman Working on Laptop in Server Room-2

Access Control

Just like how an ecosystem has its own dynamics with predators and prey, physical security is crucial in preventing the theft of personal and business data.

To ensure proper control and management of IT equipment within cabinets, it is important to implement a networked electronic access control solution at the cabinet level. This not only prevents unauthorized physical access but also provides administrators with a detailed audit trail of all authorized and unauthorized access attempts.


DCIM Software Solution

Get a bird's eye view of the jungle with a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software. This solution offers a lens through which data center managers can gain visibility into the health of their assets and operations.


Cooling and Airflow Management

Reducing data center cooling costs is a high priority among most data center operators. An effective thermal management strategy that utilizes practical concepts like passive cooling allows the data center cabinet to support high-density equipment while promoting better energy efficiency and lower costs.

Cable Management/Pathway

Cable managers, accessories, pathways, openings, mounting locations, and assurance of proper airflow are all critical components to optimizing the structure in your cabinet and ensuring network availability.

Blue Data Center-1

Single-Vendor Solution

In addition to satisfying all the technical product requirements, working with a manufacturer who provides a fully integrated solution is key to ensure fast delivery, easy sourcing, customization, and pre-and post-sale services.


Ultimately, while every application has different requirements, data centers rely on integration and efficiency in order to succeed. Build the perfect solution today by using the ecosystem approach, so that tomorrow will be more dependable.

Interested in learning more? Contact an Accu-Tech Representative to incorporate Chatsworth Products solutions into your unique data center project application.

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