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Need SFPs with Your Switches? Why Getting Products and Accessories Together is Smart

by Bobby Salerno on February 19, 2020

Want SFPs with that Switch? One stop shopping saves you time and streamlines your project planning process. With the new year comes new business plans and purchasing decisions. Maybe your company is looking to expand workgroup connectivity. Or maybe you’ve added an office location and are looking to extend your network across a long distance. In either case, you’re likely considering the purchase of network switches with open fiber-optic SFP ports to expand connectivity.

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Purchasing SFP modules while you are purchasing Ethernet switches offers a flexible solution, allowing you to select the SFP modules that suit the exact fiber type, distance and speed intended for the specific connection to each port of the switch. Later, as the network changes, the SFPs can easily be replaced to accommodate the new connections and optimize the existing switch. We’ve got value priced, MSA compliant SFPs in stock and ready to ship!

Added Value SFPs

SFPs add value to the network switch by supporting a variety of cable types and connectors for network scalability. Switches with SFP ports provide enterprises with additional flexibility to meet the specific needs of their cabling infrastructure while also providing the ability for future upgrades or changes.

SFP transceivers are the ideal solution for any network supporting a large variety of data rates and fiber types. SFPs are available for Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G Ethernet networks. SFP’s are a cost-effective way to bring agility and flexibility to existing networks, with a high level of quality. Hardened SFP transceivers are also available to support harsh environments and support network connections in hardened devices.

Smart, Reliable Switches

Transition Networks' comprehensive portfolio of switches provides customers with many options. We offer multi-port managed and unmanaged switches for both enterprise and hardened applications. These switches are designed to accomplish different needs and provide a variety of port count options including 4, 8, 16, 24, and 48 ports, with some switches that feature support for PoE+ and PoE++. While these switches feature copper ports for user connectivity, most of them include open fiber-optic SFP ports for connections beyond the 100-meter limitation of copper cabling.

Select Transition Networks PoE-enabled switches include Device Management System (DMS) software that provides added management and monitoring value that empower end users to automatically discover and remotely configure attached IP-addressable PoE powered devices (PDs) when needed. For remote locations, most Transition Networks switches feature auto power reset (APR) which can help save on truck rolls by monitoring and automatically restarting the connected devices in the event of a failure.

Benefits of Buying SFPs When You Buy Your Network Switches

When planning your network infrastructure do you consider necessary accessories ahead of time? SFPs often become an afterthought but planning ahead does save time and money in many cases.

Getting switches with SFP accessories at the same time streamlines the purchasing process by enabling a single purchase of a complete solution. Even in the era of online ordering, the one-stop-shop offers great convenience. You get everything you need at one time which saves on total cost through combined shipping, volume pricing and future expedited costs because of additional product needs being overlooked.

Purchasing SFPs with switches also simplifies your due diligence time as quality manufacturers provide reliable products holistically and would not risk the service delivered by quality switches because of low-grade SFPs.

Also, a key benefit is that buying SFPs and Ethernet switches from the same manufacturer will simplify your trouble shooting, since only one technical support team will be providing all the assistance you need.

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