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Sustainable Intelligent Buildings: Putting Our Planet and People First

by Teddi Strassburger on March 11, 2020

2020_ChannelPartner_Sliders_v027(This blog post from Superior Essex provides information on their sustainable solutions for intelligent buildings. Check it out! -Teddi)

Now, more than ever, we are becoming hyper-aware as consumers of how every decision we make has the potential to impact our environment and wellbeing. And, if we truly want to secure a sustainable future, then we also have to look beyond the shelves of sustainably made clothing and plant-based products – and into the buildings that make up our world as well. Enter: Sustainable Intelligent Buildings.

Unlike traditional buildings, Sustainable Intelligent Buildings link disparate systems such as lighting, HVAC and security to create an efficient environment that is deeply customizable and easy to manage. Just how sustainable is this kind of convergence? The numbers tell all:

  • Smart buildings with integrated systems can realize 30–50% energy savings in existing buildings that are otherwise inefficient. (ACEEE, 2017)
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) systems can reduce AC-to-DC conversion power loss by 15% compared to poorly designed systems. (U.S. Department of Energy, 2017)
  • Sustainably designed buildings release 36% fewer CO2 emissions compared to the national average. (U.S. General Services Administration, 2011)
  • U.S. LEED-certified projects command 3.7% more in rent, have 4% higher occupancy rates and 5.6% higher tenant renewal rates than noncertified buildings. (Commercial Property Executive)
  • New green buildings experience a 14% lower average operating cost. (Dodge Data & Analytics)
  • There is 7% increase in asset value for green buildings over traditional buildings. (Dodge Data & Analytics)

With glowing stats like those, it is no wonder the global green building market is estimated to reach $980 billion by 2023. As the designer and manufacturer of more than 50 sustainable cabling products, Superior Essex is leading the green building initiative. Take the company’s PowerWise® 1G 4PPoE cable as an example. Not only can it transmit 60 Watts of power with 97% efficiency, but it’s also manufactured sustainably in a certified Zero Waste to Landfill facility.

Sustainable cabling solutions from Superior Essex also offer Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), Health Product Declarations (HPD) and GreenCircle’s Multi-Attribute Certifications, because they believe that transparency is the best policy – one that benefits both people and the planet. Their green products can even contribute credits toward earning sustainable building certifications like LEED, WELL and the Living Building Challenge.

From connecting energy-efficient, smart-lighting systems to creating completely integrated smart buildings, Superior Essex has partnered with many other sustainability-minded, technology-forward companies to help everyone reap the benefits of their sustainable cable products. By working together with partners in their own industry and beyond, they have enabled all sorts of structures – from hospitals to historic hotels – to become future-forward, Sustainable Intelligent Buildings.

With each of these comes substantial energy savings through converged systems, increased occupant wellbeing and – the best part – a more sustainable planet. And that is why Superior Essex is so dedicated to helping their customers create Sustainable Intelligent Buildings, because they believe that the technology that connects the world should also respect it.

Let Superior Essex transform your next project into a Sustainable Intelligent Building with their industry-leading cabling solutions – and help secure a more sustainable future for us all.

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