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Use nVent's New Standard Cooling Solution to Lower Your Footprint

by Katy Plant on December 1, 2023

As our reliance on the internet and cloud-based applications continues to grow, so does the importance of implementing reliable and accessible internet connections. What makes these strong internet connections possible are data centers, yet demand keeps driving up energy costs and heat emissions.

Read more to learn how nVent cooling solutions can provide operators with the key to lowering the carbon footprint of their Enterprise environment(s), without compromising performance. 

Woman in Data Center Server Room-Nov-10-2023-06-53-51-8097-PM

The Call to Action

Our partner nVent has worked with many hyperscale data centers. These are large facilities with thousands of server racks inside of them. The amount of power that is required to operate these facilities is huge and generates a lot of heat, leading to a need for effective cooling solutions in data centers.nVent_Logo_RGB_F2

Traditionally, hyperscale data centers have operated at only around 20 percent utilization, meaning that only a certain amount of racks were available to hold servers at any given time. Low utilization rate minimizes energy consumption and maintains optimal temperatures; however, with the growing demand for network capacity, data centers often are forced to operate at much higher utilization rates, reaching up to 70 percent.

The result of all this is a need for sustainable, long-term solutions. Companies that operate data centers are facing the challenge of finding alternatives that do not involve constructing new centers or adding more servers to existing ones. While the latter option does provide increased network capacity, it only leads to more heat generation.


Advanced Liquid Cooling As The Solution

Advanced liquid cooling has recently emerged as an ideal solution for data centers facing this problem. The reason is that liquid cooling offers far better heat transfer in comparison to air, thus regulating the temperature and protecting the equipment more efficiently. It is crucial to improve cooling efficiency to reduce energy costs and minimize carbon footprint.

In 2020, nVent engineers identified with the need for a new standardized liquid cooling solution. To meet the requirements of data center customers quickly, their team set out to develop a new liquid cooling system that leverages the power of fast and reliable internet to collaborate effectively. This digital collaboration and unwavering determination allowed nVent's product team to transform a solution from concept to prototype in just five months.


The RackChiller CDU800 Coolant Distribution Unit, developed under the nVent HOFFMAN brand, marks a significant advancement in standardized liquid cooling technology. This innovative unit provides high-density cooling for server racks, maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing floor space requirements.

Leak Detection Technology

What sets this solution apart from other products is state-of-the-art leak detection technology, which scans both the interior and exterior of the unit to quickly identify and isolate any potential damage.

Uninterrupted Performance

In addition, the unit's rack-level liquid control allows for servicing while the system is still operational, ensuring uninterrupted performance. The seamless integration with the nVent Schroff Guardian Management Gateway further enhances connectivity to the larger data center ecosystem.

Watch the video below to learn more about the nVent HOFFMAN RackChiller CDU800.


As our world becomes increasingly digital, with a growing reliance on high-performance and cloud-based applications, the demand for efficient cooling solutions will only continue to rise. nVent's cutting-edge liquid cooling solutions position the company as a key player in both the current and future digital landscape.


Contact an Accu-Tech Representative to incorporate nVent liquid cooling solutions into your unique data center environment.

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