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Convergence Trends: A Perspective on LAN, AV, Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing Webinar

by Bobby Salerno on October 18, 2017

Information technology has changed more in the past 10 years than it ever has before – and we’re only at the cusp of what’s possible (from fully digitalized buildings and 100% cloud-based IT to virtual reality, 360-degree video and augmented reality).

Many IT and building management systems are being integrated into local area networks (LANs), bringing cloud computing and cybersecurity to the forefront. How can these systems and technologies work together to support better communication and immersive experiences while remaining secure and easy to control and maintain? Register Here


Part 1: Supporting Digital Buildings

Ron Tellas, Technology and Applications Manager, Belden

Convergence, the explosion of IoT and the need for mobile connectivity are driving digital buildings. Discover how cabling types, deployment guidelines and standards have evolved to support the evolving LAN, laying the foundation required to maximize experiences offered by the latest digital building technologies. Learn about the best cabling, connectivity and installation practices that can support sustainable, reliable and efficient digital buildings.


Part 2: Living Life on the Edge

Ian Fletcher, CTO, Grass Valley

Recent trends show that more enterprises are moving in the direction of cloud computing. But how will the move to the edge impact future network designs? What needs to be done to the network to allow enterprises to tell stories at higher resolutions and frame rates, deploy flexible and software-orientated architectures, and optimize operations using cloud technology?


Part 3: Breaking the Cybersecurity Pattern

David Meltzer, Chief Research Officer, Tripwire

History tends to repeat itself – when it comes to cybersecurity, one pattern always holds. As disconnected systems become connected, they move from proprietary, little-known protocols to open standards, leading to a proliferation of new applications and uses. After the joys of new connectivity fade, the realization comes that the systems aren’t secure. New vulnerabilities are discovered, attacks occur and security is retrofitted back in. Learn how and why this pattern occurs, the current state of cybersecurity, the problems and solutions being built to solve these challenges, and how these solutions will apply to the next frontier of IP systems.

Register here

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