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Back-to-School Infrastructure Solutions from CPI

by Katy Plant on July 28, 2021

AdobeStock_389738071 (1)-2For students, teachers and administration everywhere, July marks the beginning of Back-to-School season. Schools nationwide are planning to reopen for their second go-around at part virtual, part face-to-face instruction. Some new technologies have already been integrated in efforts to streamline virtual workflow, but schools must be able to guarantee the high-speed communication needed in order to instruct students effectively this year- no matter their learning environment. 

When configuring Back-to-School accommodations, what solutions exist to alleviate the modern-day challenges of "all-the-time learning"? How does the proliferation of our digitized remote learning environments correlate with the consideration of physical infrastructure?

In efforts to advise updates to education infrastructure, Chatsworth Products (CPI) introduced Six Network Components That IT Teams at Schools and Universities Need Now. This resource can be used to determine the necessary power and electrical solutions your school could benefit from, without concern of budget or value. Their six solutions include:

  1. Intelligent Power Management with e-Connect PDUs and RFID Electronic Lock Kit

  2. Server Cabinets and Racks to Support and Protect Heavy Equipment

  3. Cable Management and Pathway to Organize High-Density Cabling

  4. Wall-Mount Cabinets to Extend the Network to Classrooms and Portables

  5. Ceiling-Mounted Enclosures to Secure Wireless Access Points

  6. NEMA-Rated Industrial Enclosures to Protect Outdoor Equipment

Shop CPI

CPI has a long-standing reputation for helping schools and universities tackle some of their toughest challenges, which is important to consider when planning for the 2021-2022 school year.  You can even get a head start on budget planning and upgrades for the 2023 school year to make your team's communication as fast, manageable and reliable as possible. 

Contact your local Accu-Tech representative today to learn more about CPI solutions, or visit their vendor page here.


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