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APC Understands the Total Sustainability Impact of Li-ion UPS Batteries

by Katy Plant on February 21, 2022



Lithium-Ion Batteries: The Costs of a Longer UPS Life Expectancy

People have been getting interested in lithium-ion batteries. Not quite sure why? These batteries have been serving as a recent replacement over VRLA batteries, particularly for UPS applications. There are benefits that are associated with this replacement, including smaller size and a longer life expectancy. Sounds great. 

Sometimes, though, there are caveats to an economically ideal solution like this one. There's no question that Li-ion batteries are useful, but with what environmental costs do they come with? Are there accessible ways to alleviate those costs?

Many questions like these have been raised about the growing demand for lithium-ion batteries, and thus decision-makers unfortunately must face the future that the economy of Li-ion threatens. While it is indeed highly anticipated that they are meant to improve in the future, there remain key environmental elements of the Li-ion battery to understand, improve and optimize.




The Environmental and Social Impact

The full environmental and social impact, you ask? Have you ever considered which of the many practices and processes, from start of production, through manufacturing and distribution of lithium-ion batteries, create environmental harm? 

Here are a few examples to consider:

  • The mining of raw materials for Li-ion batteries
  • The increased manufacturing of Li-ion batteries to meet demand for UPS
  • Unsustainable Li-ion battery operations
  • Unclear as how to repurpose or recycle Li-ion batteries at the end of their useful life


APC by Schneider Electric demonstrates in this Li-Ion Sustainability White Paper that, while not a black and white issue, the life cycle of li-ion batteries do demonstrate a lower overall impact on the environment in comparison to that of VRLA.


Li-Ion Image


Smart UPS Lithium Ion: Lower Operating Costs, Perfect Solution for Distributed IT

  • APC by Schneider Electric provides a complete portfolio of data center solutions, software and services
  • Sustainable, resilient, hyper-efficient and adaptive in the cloud and at the edge
  • Reliable digital partner in both sustainability and efficiency

Download Smart UPS Brochure >>


Shop APC 
Contact your local Accu-Tech Representative to learn more about APC by Schneider Electric, or visit their vendor page here. 

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