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exacqVision Z-Series

Z Series front right all

Offers High Performance, Reliability and Capacity for Demanding Applications 

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Berk-Tek's Green Promise

green promise berk-tek

Berk-Tek's Green Promise

Improving our Products by Pursuing Eco-conscious Innovation in Materials, Packaging and Processes

The second leg of the Berk-Tek Green Promise addresses the committment to discovering and developing new ways to manufacture, package and distribute our goods.

As a manufacturer, Berk-Tek is committed to balancing reduction of material usage in the cables and packaging with the need to ensure optimal installed performance. Berk-Tek also works to develop materials alternatives that enhance cable performance while also comsuming fewer natural resources and less energy.  
Miminizing Jacketing Materials
Berk-Tek employs cable design principles which minimize the usage of material in the cable. The optical fiber Micro Data Plenum (MDP) cables use much less material than competing ribbon cable designs while offering customers up to a 50% smaller cabling footprint in their crowded cabling infrastructure. Berk-Tek’s LANmark 6 cable meets CAT 6 requirements but requires no spacer or filler to separate the pairs. This not only results in reduced material usage, but a smaller cable that is easier to install and manage. Reduced diameter cabling solutions like these help to improve airflow in cable managers thus reducing the amount of energy needed to cool the data center. Berk-Tek’s cable design philosophy not only gives our customers what they need in terms of cable performance, this design philosophy also reduces the amount of energy and natural resources required to manufacture the cable. 

Improving Packaging Designs
The latest redesign of Berk-Tek’s Tek Pak™ box not only strengthens the box and makes installations easier; it also reduces packaging waste by 20% versus previous Berk-Tek box designs.
Removing Harmful Compounds
All Berk-Tek LAN cable products are RoHS and REACH compliant. This ensures that LAN cable products have a minimal impact to the environment in terms of health and safety.

Stay tuned to learn more about Berk-Tek's commitment to managing activities within the daily operations of the company. 

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IQinVision Sneak Peak of New Milestone Arcus Embedded Integration

New edge solution powered by Milestone offers unlimited video system scalability
This simple, seamless solution offers unlimited scalability and replaces the traditional server and storage devices with a single IQeye on-camera VMS designed for small system installations. The Milestone Arcus solution is ideal for simple stand-alone installations, remote recording applications, or for systems that require minimum network bandwidth utilization. 
Milestone Arcus is easy to install:  initial deployment is complete within minutes after connecting your IQeye cameras and requires little or no maintenance; easy to use:  the intuitive, all-in-one user interface allows users to log in to operate the solution from a web browser, users can view live video, search and export video without any additional software; and easy to maintain:  no software installation or maintenance required on client PCs, updates are rolled out easily through firmware updates. 
“Our end users and prospective customers no longer have to worry about servers and installing software or updates. This solution is priced attractively, and you can make the move to IP with a solution that’s ready right out of the box, hassle free," Rob Ledenko explained. 
Milestone Arcus features include:  
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Intuitive Browser-based Navigation & Playback
  • Remote Camera Access
  • Saves Network Bandwidth
  • Search and Export Video
  • Motion Detection
  • User Management with Authentication
  • Easy Updates


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Triaxial Cable, Belden, & Digital Broadcasters

camera with lit background copy

The radio and broadcast industry is going digital. Higher resolutions for HDTV and UHDTV are pushing traditional broadcast studios to embrace this technology, as their more modern counterparts are already doing so for online media. Digital formats have worked their way into recording studios, video postproduction, film production and many associated applications, and the reason is clear — digital provides superior audio and video performance. Bit stream coding is a vast simplification of complex audio and video signals.

Make to Order with Leviton

Leviton Make to Order

Network Solutions Copper and Fiber Make-to-Order Products

Leviton has made building the exact solution for a network quicker and easier than ever. Rely on Leviton's innovative online custom configurators for a variety of pre-term fiber, copper, and power distribution products.


Harsh Environment Assemblies with OCC

OCC ez mate plug harsh environment

Fiber optic cable assemblies in harsh environment applicatons, such as the Oil and Gas market, include above-surface (or “top-side”) monitoring and controls for oil and gas rigs, both land and sea based, as well as Geo-seismic exploration equipment. In all cases, harsh environment assemblies need a strong and dependable fiber connection that can be deployed quickly and reliably. Multi-pin hermaphroditic connectors, along with flexible and durable deployable cables manufactured by OCC can be deployed in the most extreme environments where rig operators or exploration teams are working, and all fiber connections can be mated and re-mated with relative ease because of the connectors’ design.


B-Line by Eaton NEW RELEASE: The KwikSplice Cable Tray System

KwikSplice banner

B-Line by Eaton presents the new KwikSplice™ system. This system is a light-weight, durable cable management system that is rated for NEMA 12A and 12B load classes.  The system is ideal for commercial, light-industrial, data center, healthcare, education and government cable management applications.

DYMO Rhino 6000 Industrial Labeler

DYMO 6000 image

DYMO Rhino labellers are well known for their rugged reliability and feature-rich printing capabilities. The Rhino 6000 expands upon the others in this family of labelers with hot keys, hundreds of pre-programmed industry specific symbols, a 1000 label memory, and pc connectivity. There are quite a few applications in data centers, and other telecommunications installation projects - both TIA/EIA standards as well as labeling in other areas throughout the project locations.

CPI on Seismic Protection during Earthquakes


Seismic events continue to draw attention on a global scale, becoming a catalyst for ever-increasing building codes and certifications. Data centers and healthcare facilities without backup systems have critical preparation to avoid any down-time; to reduce risk and minimize equipment damage, seismic protection is necessary. 

Samsung: Remote Wireless Camera Security

SNH 06410BN PD1.ashx

Integrating modern technology marvels into our daily lives is not always an easy task. Luckily, with Samsung's new remote wireless camera security systems, recording and monitoring locations around your home or small business has never been easier! By connecting to your router with a push of a button, you can register your camera on-line, open your web-browser, and start monitoring from anywhere. It’s that simple. And because you can view your camera on your PC, MAC, and smartphone, you can keep a watchful eye your home or small business anytime and from anywhere.

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