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Siemon Data Center Cabinet Solutions

siemon v800

V800 Cabinets and Accessories

OCC Featured in Cabling Install


OCC POL Featured in Cabling Installation & Maintenance: 



Corning has a NEW Certified Class!


Corning’s See the Light® Fiber Optic Training Program is now offering a new certified class, “Corning Fiber Testing & Troubleshooting.” This intensive two-day hands-on course prepares attendees for optical fiber network acceptance testing and troubleshooting. Students will have extensive hands-on training using a Fluke Networks Versiv™ Light Source and Power Meter (LSPM) and Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR). The course includes practical exercises to prepare the craftsperson for the day-to-day requirements of testing and troubleshooting fiber optic network systems. 

High-Performance Copper Solutions With CommScope SYSTIMAX

CommScope GigaSPEED

For network speeds and bandwidth demands that require dependable, high-performance infrastructure, 10Gb Category 6A cable is the go-to choice. A robust network infrastructure enhances any data center or office network, allowing the rapid and secure transmissions of large documents, business transactions and client history. Ensuring your project or facility is installing quality copper cable like CommScope's GigaSPEED X10D provides that 10Gb ethernet performance for improved bandwidth, data throughput and network efficiency well into the future.

B-Line by Eaton Strut Systems

BlineAs the largest manufacturer of Bolted Framing and Strut Support Systems, B-Line provides an economical solution for virtually any electrical, mechanical and industrial support application.

With a complete line of channels, fittings and accessories, B-Line by Eaton offers one of the broadest offerings of Bolted Framing and Strut Support Systems in the industry. Channel and fittings can be taken apart for reuse as quickly as they were assembled, producing substantial savings in time and labor.

  • Fully adjustable and reusable 
  • Provides strength and stability to various support system applications 
  • Many UL and CSA Listed components
B-Line's strut support system is designed with many time-saving features. They are fully adjustable and reusable, with a complete line of channels, fittings and accessories for multi-purpose applications.

  • No Welding
  • No Drilling
  • Use Your Imagination

The strut system installs quickly, with no need for special tools... All you need is a wrench and hacksaw. Channels and parts can be taken apart for reuse as quickly as they were assembled, yet help provide the strength of welded construction. This eliminates welding and drilling which can have substantial savings in time and labor.

Samsung's SRN-472S Network Video Recorder

Samsung SRD 472S PD2.ashx

For businesses and service providers today, having a network of cameras to monitor your facility is more than just protecting assets - it's about protecting your customers. More than ever, mind-share in many industries is being taken by those who put their customers first and provide not just an excellent product or solution, but also a suite of enhanced protection and satellite services. Enter: Samsung's plug 'n play SRN-472S Network Video Recorder!

The DYMO 5200 Labeler Solution

DYMO 5200

Industrial telecommunications projects need to stay organized and properly labelled to present the professional, high quality demeanor now expected of those in the industry. To stay up to code with the latest ANSI and TIA/EIA labeling standards, but still have a cost-effective, rugged and versatile solution, there's one labeler sure to meet your needs: The Rhino 5200 Label Maker.

ExacqVision 6.4 Release


Exacq Technologies introduces the new EasyConnect automatic IP camera connector feature with version 6.4 of exacqVision, a video management system (VMS) software used for video surveillance. Version 6.4 also includes the new VideoPush video wall feature, updates to the Exacq Mobile app and web browser client. 

EasyConnect: The Power of IP Cameras with the Simplicity of Analog 

    • Quickly finds, assigns IP addresses and connects IP cameras from the exacqVision client 
    • Reduces IP camera configuration time and effort 
    • Supports more than 400 cameras and encoders from Illustra, Axis Communications and Arecont Vision 

Watch a video on EasyConnect 

VideoPush Video Wall 

  • Gives users the ability to instantly push selected cameras, layouts, tours, groups or entire views to another exacqVision client monitor or public view monitor 
  • Perfect for public view monitor and video wall uses 
  • Allows any client to be configured to receive video and users to be assigned permissions to push video 
  • Collaborative viewing of video between multiple locations and users 

Watch a video on VideoWall 

Other new features with exacqVision 6.4: 

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Belden & The 4K Resolution Of The Future

Belden 4k Post

It may seem like just the other year that 1080p transmissions and broadcasters were making headlines, but resolutions at 1080p have actually been on the market for close to a decade now. Understanding the increased bandwidth demands stemming from better broadcasting technologies seems fairly simple at first glance. Higher resolutions = higher data transmissions = a need for better infrastructure to deliver it. However,  diving into "4K" is not quite so simple - between the lack of accepted standards, current applications in the market, and innovations for transmitting and receiving data, there are a substantial number of variables at play both helping and hindering 4K's move into the mainstream.

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Great Lakes Case & Cabinets: Wall Mount Boxes, Racks And Panel Mounts For Small Networks

GLCC TPM (open)

For small network and switch applications, it can be difficult to find solutions specifically for your niche needs. Great Lakes Case & Cabinets understands that not every server and switch location will take up a data centers worth of room, and thankfully they've got the product line to support small businesses and far-flung small telecomm closets. Some of the products in their line of wall mount boxes, racks and panel mounts can even double for other applications, such as mounting av equipment, tower desktops, and more! Lets take a look at some of these below:

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