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Tripp Lite's PDU Gigabit Ethernet Switch


For maximum power that doesn't sacrifice network performance, look no further than the Tripp Lite PDU Gigabit Ethernet Switch solution. Functionality in Minimal Space In wall-mount rack cabinets and other compact IT installations, saving 1U can make the difference between a solution that works and one that doesn’t. Saving 1U can also allow you to use a smaller cabinet size, reducing costs significantly across distributed installation locations.

Fiber Optic Solutions for Harsh Environments- A Corning Webinar


Join Us for a Free Webinar on Fiber Optics Solutions for Harsh Environments

This one-hour webinar, conducted by a Corning Marketing Specialist Jeanna Deese, focuses on a mix of solutions, product discussions, and demonstrations found typically in harsh fiber-optic cabling environments.   

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The Industrial 4200 Case Kit by DYMO

DYMO 4200 kit

For quick and professional labeling, the DYMO 4200 case kit provides everything needed to complete industrial labeling projects at a reasonable cost. Long touted as one of the best industrial printers on the market, the Rhino Industrial 4200 gets labeling jobs done fast - and done right. Easily navigate the familiar QWERTY keyboard. Use one-touch "Hot Key" shortcuts to quickly create and format wire/cable wraps, flags, fixed-length labels and more. Print labels up to 3/4" wide in a variety of materials and colors - PLUS print directly on heat-shrink tubes.

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Color-Coding Nightmare? Try B-Line by Eaton Colored J-Hooks.

bline jhooks copy
B-Line J-Hook Color ID Clips are ideal for use in data centers and light-duty commercial cable management applications where there is a need for color designation.  Ideal for new and retro-fit applications, these simple solutions are designed to snap onto existing B-Line J-Hook products allowing installers and inspectors to verify that cables are running in their correct, designated pathways.

If you're not sure if B-Line by Eaton Color ID J-Hook Clips might be for you, try answering the questions below: 

Are you having trouble with arranging the colors when trying to color-code in your data center? 
  • Color-coding sleeves allow for content designation without need to inventory various colored hardware. 
Are you having trouble designating pathways?
  • B-line colored j-hooks easily designate separate pathways to prevent crossover. 
Already placed your order? 
  • Not a problem. Order separately and field install. 
Almost done with the job?
  • No big deal. B-Line Colored clips can be installed on J-Hook after it has been installed in the field.
Not sure if they fit with current hardware?
  • Clips are for use on B-Line BCH series J-Hooks.
  • Available for 3/4", 1 5/16", 2" and 4" J-Hook sizes.
Does this sound familiar? "I need multiple colors to organize a complicated area... What should I do?" 
  • B-line Colored J-Hook Clips are available in 6 colors; blue, white, grey, orange, red and yellow. 
Concerned about specs? 
  • These are manufactured from material that is suitable for use in air handling spaces in accordance with Section 300.22 (c) and (d) of the NEC. 
  • Clips are manufactured from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed material for plenum spaces. 
Download the B-Line by Eaton Colored J-Hook Instruction Sheet here. Download the B-Line by Eaton Colored J-Hook Product Information page here.


Arecont Vision Customer Webinars

Arecont Image

Having access to free webinars to help you get the most out of your product investments has become the norm in the security, A/V, DAS and enterprise cabling markets. Companies like Arecont Vision recognize that by empowering their customers to become industry experts, they not only enhance the end users of their products, but aid in the development of quality standards and best practices.

Resources & Webinars from Oberon

video library banner

Oberon Wireless and Accu-Tech offer numerous online video resources to help you find the solution to fit your needs. From product demonstrations to installation tips and best practices, Accu-Tech and Oberon assistance just in reach. Click below to visit our video library

Learn About Great Lakes Case & Cabinet

GLCC Team Poster (Accu Tech)

Great Lakes Case & Cabinet Co., Inc. --For almost 30 years this American company has been providing data center solutions to successful companies across the industry. Their American made products (enclosures, racks, wall mounts), quick turnaround, and exceptional customer service have helped support expanding infrastructure across industry sectors.

IQinVision 4K Sentinel

iqinvision iqeye 4k sentinel

This next generation 4K Sentinel is a full featured all-weather camera with support for 12 MP and 4K resolutions. The 4K Sentinel provides multiple, individually configured H.264 and simultaneous MJPEG streams. Its powerful dual core processor enables the camera to run multiple applications on the edge and its innovative features notorious of the IQeye Sentinel drastically reduce installation costs and time. Available Q4 2014. 

The Superior Essex Catalog of Cables

mh products

As a world-wide presence and one of the leading manufacturers of the cabling industry, Superior Essex has built a robust and quality portfolio of cabling products. When preparing for projects and new expansions, it can really help to reaquaint oneself with the full line of offerings from the vendors you will be using. In this post we will spotlight the major cabling segments Superior Essex operates in, and also include their main catalog of cables at the end:

Mohawk Powering Renewable Energy Applications

describe the image

Renewable energy, especially wind power, has been on the rise in recent years. As government, industry and local communities continue to embrace clean and cost-effective solutions, it only becomes more evident that each installation is unique and must be tailored that particular site. Because of this, having quality, protective cables that can operate continuously in harsh environmental conditions is a must.

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