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CommScope updating the PATCHMAX Power Sum patch panel

PATCHMAX Power Sum patch panel

Introducing CommScope's updated PATCHMAX Power Sum patch panel with the same structure as the PATCHMAX GS3 patch panels. The new updated PowerSum panels will have the same footprint as the GS3 panels, 2U-24 port and 3U-48 port.

General Cable's new EfficienC Max Category 6A 10 Gig cable

General Cable: Brand’s new EfficienCTM Max Category 6A 10 Gig cable

General Cable has re-engineered its GenSPEED® 10 MTPTM 10 Gig cable to satisfy power-hungry devices. Future-proof your installations with GenSPEED® brand’s new EfficienCTM Max Category 6A 10 Gig cable utilizing the proven Mosaic Crossblock technology. This cable goes well-beyond the standard 49W to more than 100W for Power Over Ethernet(POE) equipment.

Transition Networks: Introducing the S3290 NID

S3290 300 single

Introducing the S3290 NID

Today businesses need reliable, scalable Ethernet based solutions to maximize their network infrastructure and performance. As a critical element for meeting the increasing demands for network management and connectivity, we announce the release of our new MEF CE 2.0 Certified S3290 NID!

OCC and POL Solutions

occ pol

If you are considering installing a passive optical network, there are many options to weigh. We're here to walk you through some of the thoughts and benefits you may consider when contemplating a POL system for your facility.

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Oberon in Education

Model1074 00

Whether you are a primary, secondary or higher education facility, technological advancements and security issues are two of the main concerns surrounding the education world today. Classroom learning has experienced significant evolvement in the last ten years and will continue to do so in the years to come, thereby increasing the demand for technology upgrades to enhance learning and security on your campus

ProLabs Names Accu-Tech as New U.S. Distributor

ProLabs banner 700px

Partnership provides OEM-compatible cost savings directly to IT infrastructure customers

Tripp Lite's Side Mounting Enclosures


Limited floor space in both small data centers and in far flung telecom closets has led to need for innovative solutions to storage and capacity for servers, routers, switches and other networking components. Tripp Lite is a leading manufacturer across cable, power protection and enclosure products, and this can be seen clearly from their line of side mounting enclosures. With easy to install wall mount rack cabinets, limited floor space in equipment rooms can quickly become a non-issue. Not only are they sturdily built, they also provide a number of ease-of-access options to make MAC work easier for the contractor or network manager. It helps that they look pretty great too:

Greenlee Communications Tools: Simple to Use, Fast to Learn

greenlee tester sidekick plus

Greenlee's cable tester the SIDEKICK PLUS evolved from a basic copper tester; now Greenlee Communications has just released the BONDED MODEM SIDEKICK PLUS, which was introduced last month at the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam. Check out Greenlee's announcement in this video. 

Fluke Networks: Trading Up to the DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™

copper on

Do you know why you should be trading up to the DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer? Check it out. 

Siemon's Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability

Siemon global sustainability

Siemon's Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability

The Siemon Company ensures implementation of environmental policies through a global environmental management system certified according to ISO 14001. The ISO 14001 environment management system is a management cycle consisting of planning, implementation, controlling and management review including corrective actions.

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