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ExacqVision 6.4 Release


Exacq Technologies introduces the new EasyConnect automatic IP camera connector feature with version 6.4 of exacqVision, a video management system (VMS) software used for video surveillance. Version 6.4 also includes the new VideoPush video wall feature, updates to the Exacq Mobile app and web browser client. 

EasyConnect: The Power of IP Cameras with the Simplicity of Analog 

    • Quickly finds, assigns IP addresses and connects IP cameras from the exacqVision client 
    • Reduces IP camera configuration time and effort 
    • Supports more than 400 cameras and encoders from Illustra, Axis Communications and Arecont Vision 

Watch a video on EasyConnect 

VideoPush Video Wall 

  • Gives users the ability to instantly push selected cameras, layouts, tours, groups or entire views to another exacqVision client monitor or public view monitor 
  • Perfect for public view monitor and video wall uses 
  • Allows any client to be configured to receive video and users to be assigned permissions to push video 
  • Collaborative viewing of video between multiple locations and users 

Watch a video on VideoWall 

Other new features with exacqVision 6.4: 

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Belden & The 4K Resolution Of The Future

Belden 4k Post

It may seem like just the other year that 1080p transmissions and broadcasters were making headlines, but resolutions at 1080p have actually been on the market for close to a decade now. Understanding the increased bandwidth demands stemming from better broadcasting technologies seems fairly simple at first glance. Higher resolutions = higher data transmissions = a need for better infrastructure to deliver it. However,  diving into "4K" is not quite so simple - between the lack of accepted standards, current applications in the market, and innovations for transmitting and receiving data, there are a substantial number of variables at play both helping and hindering 4K's move into the mainstream.

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IQinVision Cameras in Gaming


IQinVision is proud to serve gaming customers with the IQeye line of cameras. Whether your application is unique or standard, in the protection of people, places, or assets, IQinVision has a camera that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Greenlee’s New PullCalc App Now Available for iPhone & Android


Applications of Coaxial & Mini-Coaxial Cable, with Hitachi

hitachi coax

Hitachi Cable America, Inc. (HCA) is a leader in coaxial transmission line technology and production. HCA provides the broadest range of transmission line solutions for wireless communications, audio/video, medical and industrial applications. The company's collective engineering expertise and range of manufacturing capabilities are unmatched in the industry. With production at our Manchester, New Hampshire facility, Hitachi focuses both on specialized applications with extremely demanding performance requirements and high volume commercial applications at frequencies from a few KHz to 20 GHz.

The Leanest-Longest, Fastest-Strongest Modular Cabling Solution

Quiktron Main AV Image 1

The optical AV flying leads & extended HDMI functionalities offered from Quiktron's new family of products have certainly earned their tagline of being 'the leanest-longest, fastest-strongest modular cabling solution' on the market. Available in a variety of lengths ranging from 35ft all the way up to 1000ft, Quiktron's optical runner cables are designed to support an extensive HDMI signal system. All lengths of the RapidRun optical runner cables are plenum, OFNP-rated, support 18Gbps bandwidth, and maintain a small profile in any installation with a diameter of only half an inch!

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Transition Networks Solutions in Harsh Environments

Solar Farm

Renewable Energy Solutions

Solar Panels are designed to maximize the conversion of sunlight into electricity, but the goal of solar farms is to control the output to provide a consistent flow of predictable electricity. Sophisticated systems, with the ability to track the sun and turn solar panels on and off, have been deployed in an effort to produce a consistent flow of usable power. This degree of control requires large amounts of connectivity and monitoring. Transition Networks’ industrial switches are suitable for use in extreme temperatures, like those faced in outdoor equipment cabinets, and come equipped with redundant power inputs and redundant network connections to provide reliable connectivity. Transition Networks’ industrial switch product line includes models that support wired 10/100/1000BaseT and fiberoptic connections.

Understanding Category 6A Media Choices with Berk-Tek

white paper

The following excerpt from Berk-Tek's white paper: Category 6A Media Choices: Understanding the Options.


Hubbell AV - Connectivity Over UTP

Hubbell AV post q3sm2

Not too long ago we took a look at Hubbell's new AV 110 Everywhere solution, a flexible approach to installing AV systems over UTP cables for extended range and usability. By extending HDMI signals over UTP, installers are able to reduce installation times while end-users have crisp 1080p high definition video quality.

Leviton Intact Intelligent Port Management System

intelligent intact leviton patch cord panels

Leviton's intelligent patch cords and patch panels offer new and better tools to manage growing network infrastructure demands. The Intact Intelligent Port Management System offers a simple, straightforward way to manage network changes. Utilizing microchips, intelligent patch cords and panels and Intact software, the Intact solution provides real-time network documentation with alerts for faults or unplanned changes to ports. 

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