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Samsung: Remote Wireless Camera Security

SNH 06410BN PD1.ashx

Integrating modern technology marvels into our daily lives is not always an easy task. Luckily, with Samsung's new remote wireless camera security systems, recording and monitoring locations around your home or small business has never been easier! By connecting to your router with a push of a button, you can register your camera on-line, open your web-browser, and start monitoring from anywhere. It’s that simple. And because you can view your camera on your PC, MAC, and smartphone, you can keep a watchful eye your home or small business anytime and from anywhere.

3M's Slim Lock Closure For Cell Sites

Slim Lock Family prod011 rgb D

Wireless weatherproofing applications are essential to ensure a compact closure protects RF connections at the cell site - especially when those connections are close together. As a result of Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO) antenna requirements for LTE and the trend toward multiband multiservice antennas, RF connector density on the antenna is becoming problematic for older, bulkier weatherproofing solutions. Tapes and mastics, for instance, may be difficult to use in such a congested area.

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Fluke Networks: Copper On, Ca$h In

copper on cash in

Now through December 31st, 2014,
Trade in your OLD Tester for CASH! 


Superior Essex's New & Improved Product Line

fiber cable and world image

The folks over at Superior Essex have been busy lately, and Accu-Tech's got the press releases to show you why - both the copper wire and fiber cabling segments of the Superior Essex product line have undergone expansions! These latest rounds of engineering heavily target outdoor and extended haul applications:

Hitachi Industrial Ethernet Cabling Solutions: The Updated Brochure

industrial hitachi

Hitachi Cable America designs and manufactures high-performance industrial Ethernet cables for users that demand superior performance and exceptional reliability. Hitachi's Industrial Ethernet brochure has been updated- and here's a sneak peek at the new version. 

Corning's NEW Video Database Tool

VideoBOM Landing

Corning presents the NEW video database tool: designed to provide better access to informative videos. 


General Cable NEW GenSPEED Cat 6A Cable

GenSPEED 6a cable

General Cable Introduces GenSPEED® 10 MTP thin-profile Category 6a cable 
with enhanced performance 

Presenting General Cable's new GenSPEED 10 MTP Thin-Profile Category 6A cable with enhanced performance. This latest generation of the industry’s premiere 10 Gig cable boasts increased flexibility and improved protection against Alien crosstalk in a reduced 0.275” diameter making it the best performing, thin profile Category 6 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable available.  

TE Connectivity: One-Stop Access for Everything FiberGuide

bns email fiberguidebanner

One-Stop Access for Everything FiberGuide

TE Connectivity is the innovator of FiberGuide, the fiber raceway system that continues to revolutionize the industry. TE continues its focus on increasing customer satisfaction with enhanced end-to-end tools and resources.

TE has now launched a new and improved FiberGuide landing page, a one-stop spot for all solution information on The new page delivers everything you could want in a quality user experience, with easy access to support documentation, tools and so much more!

Visit to access:

     -  Product Videos
     -  Ordering Guide
     -  Installation Manual
     -  Visio Stencils Library
     -  BIM Library
     -  Newly Released and Featured Products
     -  Connectors to Other OEM Raceways
     -  Customer Mailbox to Collect Product
        Improvement Ideas

and more. 

Coming Soon: FiberGuide Designsmart

TE is putting the finishing touches on a new configuration and BOM generation tool called FiberGuide DesignSmart.  This tool will simplify the generation of FiberGuide layouts and creation of bill of materials (BOM) resulting in faster, easier and more accurate ordering. Watch for more information in the coming months. Keep an eye on our blog for announcements on the new development! 

Visit FiberGuide Online


Siemon Data Center Cabinet Solutions

siemon v800

V800 Cabinets and Accessories

OCC Featured in Cabling Install


OCC POL Featured in Cabling Installation & Maintenance: 


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