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Corning Announces Availability of USB 3.Optical™ Cables by Corning

corning usb 3.optical

Yesterday, April 15, 2014, Corning announced the availability of its USB 3.Optical™ Cables by Corning, the thinner, lighter USB cable that transmits your data at incredible speeds over long distances.


Hubbell Premise

av Hubbell

In connectivity today, having simple, flexible solutions that can cover a wide variety of connection needs is imperative. AV integrators and contractors have to meet the unique demands from their customers, which in many cases can turn into specialized termination requests requiring whole new tools and systems to install. Luckily, Hubbell Premise Wiring's new line of iStation AV 110 Everywhere connectivity offers these new options in a traditional 110 termination - and of course it still provides the high quality signals that distinguish Hubbell as a leader in the cabling and connectivity markets.

Siemon TurboTool Promotion Ends April 30

siemon turbotool inside

FREE Siemon TurboTool with select purchase 

 for a limited time only

If you need to save some time and effort when it comes to termination, the TurboTool just might be for you. Siemon’s new MAX TurboTool significantly reduces the time associated with the termination of category 5e and 6 UTP MAX outlets. In contrast to single conductor punchdown tools which require eight individual termination cycles for each outlet, the MAX TurboTool seats and cuts all 8 conductors with a single action.

Leviton's Intact Intelligent Port Management System: The Hardware

intelligent intact leviton patch cord panels

Leviton's intelligent patch cords and patch panels offer new and better tools to manage growing network infrastructure demands. The Intact Intelligent Port Management System offers a simple, straightforward way to manage network changes. Utilizing microchips, intelligent patch cords and panels and Intact software, the Intact solution provides real-time network documentation with alerts for faults or unplanned changes to ports. 


Berk-Tek: Addressing Real World Copper Cabling Challenges

bicsi berk-tek on the cover

Berk-Tek was featured in the March/April edition of BICSI's publication, The Journal of Information Technology Systems. 


Superior Essex - Manufacturing Facility Accomplishes 98% Landfill Diversion For 2013

go green and plugs

Recycling among the telecommunications industry is an important corporate social responsibility that is quickly gaining traction among major manufacturers. As most data cable consists of a copper wire and PVC installation, recycling can take two forms: extracting the naturally non-renewable metal and chemically transforming the fossil fuels used to make the PVC jacket. Mining copper or fossil fuels is an energy and resource intensive task, which can have major negative implications for our environment. Therefore, it makes sense to take a renewable stance on cable production, as Superior Essex has done.

Tripp Lite: Remote Cooling Management

Tripp Lite Graphic

Maintainence and management of today's data centers can be an extensive task. Temperature, humidity, power levels, ambient conditions and airflow must all be monitored to ensure that racks, servers and cabinets are all running at peak proficiency. And that does not take into account replacements, moves, adds or changes. Luckily, Tripp Lite's new remote cooling management system SRCOOLNET is a comprehensive tool for cooling, maintaining and monitoring your data center.

Siemon TurboTool: Promotion ends April 30


The Siemon TurboTool is not only a great tool for termination, but is it also a durable and reliable piece of technology. This flexible tool is ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue and increase overall productivity. The user-friendly tool is manufactured with the contractor in mind- the steel construction ensures long-term use under the toughest conditions... and now, here's your chance to try it. For free until April 30, you can try the TurboTool with select purchase of MX6 Bulk Packs. To learn more about how to use the tool, check out the video below.  

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exacqVision Announces the ELP NVR

exacqVision ELP

Check out this Powerful, Cost Effective 40 Camera Network Video Recorder

The exacqVision ELP is now available from Exacq! The ELP server line is perfect for small to mid-size installations. Enjoy rich video management features with hardware and software optimized for high reliability operation and minimal setup time.

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Have You Heard Yet? WOWCLOWD in BETA Testing


What is WOWClowd? 

WOWClowd is the new, state-of-the-art testing solution that applies the latest wireless technology to the infrastructure industry. Utilizing a unique combination of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, a specially designed application and innovative cloud technology, you’re able to gain access to real-time test results, project management tools and customer floor plans with a device you already use everyday – your phone.

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